Welcome To The Re-parenting Class

I am so ecstatic you are here and ready to transform your life through meeting and healing your inner child and inner wounds. I have outlined a few things for you to get prepared for the class

Step 1

Facebook Group/Zoom meetings

For integration and support please visit the Facebook Group.

Each week we will meet in the Zoom Room. Occasionally we will break out into separate groups but I will do that after meeting initially for the evening. The link is here.

Remember Class is at 7PM every Thursday for the next 12 weeks.

(Note we will break for the week of Christmas and New Years)

I want to add that my sister is currently on Hospice with Breast Cancer.

If she passes we will take a break for a week while I re-group.

step 2


There are several handouts we will use throughout the course of this class. So if you want to print them out ahead or time or wait until the week we need them by all means, do what works for you.

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Soul Medicine Session

A Soul Medicine Session, is a beautiful healing & soothing experience that lasts approximately 60 minutes. Count on having a mix of Elemental Clearing, Holy Fire Reiki, Oracle/Tarot Card Readings, Healy Aura and Resonance scans & treatments or Shamanic Healing. The session closes with Himalayan Singing bowls played around and on the body. (All of these are dependent on your individual energetic needs)


Mastermind Group

Join with other like-minded souls on a quest for healing trauma and releasing anything that keeps you from being and expressing your most highest Self. Kerry brings in guest healers with different modalities once a month for group sessions. There is a plethora of offerings each month for you to partake in that will support you in connecting and integrating your own inner healer and guru!

"Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.


Learn With Kerry

Connect with your own inner healer by choosing from a variety of classes and educational opportunities that Kerry has put together.

Hands giving light to earth

Represents elemental clearing

Elemental Space Clearing

Clear your space energetically from all the emotional toxins that are personally shed overtime along with any negative energy from people who lived or worked in the space previously. Natural elements like geopathic stress, which could be anything from ground water or faulting pressure that is carrying disturbed energy (energy that makes you feel ill, irritable or sad) through and into your living space will be cleared in this process.