Welcome To The Re-parenting Class

I am so ecstatic you are here and ready to transform your life through meeting and healing your inner child and inner wounds. I have outlined a few things for you to get prepared for the class

Step 1

Facebook Group/Zoom meetings

For integration and support please visit the Facebook Group.

Each week we will meet in the Zoom Room. Occasionally we will break out into separate groups but I will do that after meeting initially for the evening. The link is here.

Remember Class is at 7PM every Thursday for the next 12 weeks.

(Note we will break for the week of Christmas and New Years)

I want to add that my sister is currently on Hospice with Breast Cancer.

If she passes we will take a break for a week while I re-group.

step 2


There are several handouts we will use throughout the course of this class. So if you want to print them out ahead or time or wait until the week we need them by all means, do what works for you.

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Soul Medicine

Tarot Card

Soul Medicine is the heart of Kerry Armstrong's Healing. My staple healing session involves an hour of deep energetic clearing and releasing. 

These sessions typically start out by getting insight to the client through a card reading or elemental clearing. This provides insight or guidance into whatever it is that may be going on in the clients life that needs released and which modalities are best.


The words "peace, hope, light, and love" are not random. That is what you bring, you DELIVER each time.


A Deeper Dive...

From there the session can take many forms dependent on your needs or the needs that present even if you are unsure of your specific needs. 

With alignment of our energy we are able to ask your body what it needs and then dive in to heal that specific blockage. Utilizing either Holy Fire Reik, Healy Quantum technology or Shamanic Healing, or any mixture of the above. 

Closing out each session with singing bowls, which does a beautiful job of balancing the chakras and soothing the entire energetic and physical body.

women diving deep