Welcome To The Re-parenting Class

I am so ecstatic you are here and ready to transform your life through meeting and healing your inner child and inner wounds. I have outlined a few things for you to get prepared for the class

Step 1

Facebook Group/Zoom meetings

For integration and support please visit the Facebook Group.

Each week we will meet in the Zoom Room. Occasionally we will break out into separate groups but I will do that after meeting initially for the evening. The link is here.

Remember Class is at 7PM every Thursday for the next 12 weeks.

(Note we will break for the week of Christmas and New Years)

I want to add that my sister is currently on Hospice with Breast Cancer.

If she passes we will take a break for a week while I re-group.

step 2


There are several handouts we will use throughout the course of this class. So if you want to print them out ahead or time or wait until the week we need them by all means, do what works for you.

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"The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home."

-Jeff Lincoln

Home with energy

There can be pockets of stuck energy that has been shed over time throughout your home. When you walk though these pockets of stuck energy, you could be reminded of something that happened to you specifically, especially if you had the experience. Or they could be someone else's feelings or emotions that are stuck there. 

It's much like walking up to the sink and having dread wash over you because the dishes need washed. Especially when you have this feeling even though there are no dishes to wash and you didn't have this feeling prior to walking up to the sink.

The image to the left is an example of how Chi (yellow lines) can get stuck in your home, instead of the energy flowing easily.

"After our home was energetically cleared and cleanses, I notice a lightness in the air. The weird, repelling energy in the basement is gone and it feels airy and inviting. We are all sleeping better, and even the animals are behaving more calmly in that area of the house. Another unexplainable bonus I've noticed is the lack of mice and spider invasions, its like they are deterred by some invisible force. Good Riddance!!!

I highly recommend a home or space clearing with Kerry!

Schedule a clearing with my Calendly link and specify if you would like your clearing done digitally through Zoom or in person. 

Home living area